Glendon J. Francis is a psychology and education student at Georgia State University, a writer, an editor and a native of Antigua & Barbuda. He is a zealous LGBTQ rights, gender equality and immigration advocate.
Glendon initially emerged into the world of media and literacy as it was an inherent passion, gift, and as a means of self-expression. Glendon’s knack for media managing and literacy granted him an internship at Equality for HER, a platform that aimed to provide necessary educational resources for, and about, women and gender non-conforming people across the globe. With his efforts, Glendon was then promoted as the organization’s Social Media Manager and was subsequently elevated as the Editorial Director and Director of Outreach. As the Director of Outreach, Glendon secured a plethora of growth opportunities, including a GLAAD Spirit Day partnership and appearances at BET Awards, NYC Pride and more. Glendon served as the pillar of the organization’s online and editorial presence, which groomed his prowess.
Glendon presently serves as a Freelance Writer for platforms like Billboard, Billboard Pride, Gal-dem and more.